Music of the Harp for
Healing and Transition


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    Throughout the ages, where comfort and healing are needed, music as been there to relax, to sustain, to heal.  In all cultures, in all times, wise healers knew the positive effects of music.  Now, research is showing that this ancient wisdom has a sound scientific basis.  Music Practitioners, graduates of the Music for Healing and Transition Program are carrying on the tradition.  Musicians of the Music for Healing and Transition Program are dedicated to providing appropriate music to those in need.  Interns and graduates are trained and skilled in playing for patients in varied situations.

How does music influence healing?

    The questions and answers are still being explored, but studies are showing that music can lower a patient's blood pressure, basal metabolism and respiration rates, and that it helps increase the production of endorphins, which reduce pain.  Music is being used to help digestion and reduce stress; it is a partner therapy in drug and alcohol detoxification programs, and is used with learning disabilities, and with Alzheimer's patients, to name just a few of its present applications. 

What does MHTP have to do with me?   

I began playing a lever harp in 1979 but over the next 20 years actually played very little.  However, I had a pivotal experience in 1980 while improvising in a pentatonic tuning for a friend.  He felt that he could see and hear me playing for the dying.  I took that in, but did nothing about it.  I often sensed the presence of my mom when I played, though she had died of MS in 1975.  A long musical hiatus ensued, while I trained as a geologist.  Then in the summer of 1999, I came across the Music for Healing and Transition Program (MHTP) and knew instantly that it was a forum for both my music, the musical connection I had with my mother, and my motivation to be of service in the world.  I graduated as a Certified Music Practitioner in the fall 2000.  Playing harp music for ill and dying people has changed my life; the training emphasized the need for personal growth and evolution, and this became the most relevant aspect of the program for me.  To be in the presence of an actively dying person is an honor, it is humbling, it is a profound experience, and it generates a level of mutual gratitude and compassion that I never could have anticipated.  I am honored and blessed to be a part of this VERY important work!  Please go to for details about the program.


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