The Yoga Mix - A new CD by harpist Linda Khandro The Yoga Mix

After the release and success of Tethys, I moved home to the BC, Canada interior for a couple of years, so the momentum that ShAnLi had developed temporarily waned. A few more years have gone by and with families and work at the forefront, it has yet to happen but we are in touch and we know our group and our music will resurface! In the meantime, with thoughts of the hospice patients of years back still in my mind, I selected out the improvisations that I liked the best from all 3 prior cds (Transition, Full Hearts Empty Mind, and Tethys).

Thus, The Yoga Mix is a compilation album from the 3 original cds, produced with a simpler and more affordable style for distribution. In addition to being suitable for the special hospice environment, it’s suitable as low-volume, background music for various therapies such as massage; and various health-related activities such as yoga and Pilates. It was played and approved by a massage therapist I greatly respect, and his comments left no doubt that it was right to accompany his work.

Tethys Tethys

Detailed notes from Linda and Ann can be found with the following links, but this is a quick introduction to ShAnLi and the music:

After several years playing bedside music for hospice patients and retirement home residents, my sense of fulfillment from improvising on the double strung harp for these folks was raised a significant notch when I met Shiho Kurauchi and her koto colleagues at a Seattle-area house concert. We both played our original sets, then realized that we could (and should!) do some improvisation together. Our first was at the CD release party for my 2nd cd, Full Hearts, Empty Mind. It was a success for each of us, and went over extremely well with the folks attending the party. I had already had the pleasure of working with Ann on FH,EM, and was in awe of her deep and innovative flute work. So it didn’t take much persuading to pull us all together and thus was ShAnLi (SHiho, ANn, LInda) born! We played several live events in the Seattle area before settling down to create the Tethys cd.

Please see Ann’s link below for her Tethys insights, and my link below for some Tethys origin stories. We hope you enjoy the music and the stories!

From Ann Lindquist:

From Linda Khandro:

Full Hearts, Empty Mind - A new CD by harpist Linda Khandro Full Hearts, Empty Mind

Linda's second CD of solo and accompanied harp music maintains the tranquility of her first CD, Transition, but with a band and a beat! A veritable string section (cello, viola, and violin) adds depth and richness, and innovative flutes, tamboura, Himalayan bowls, keyboards, vocals, and percussion add unique textures and rhythms. Beautifully produced, this CD will delight and entertain, as well as entrain and soothe.

Transition Transition

Original and Celtic music played solo and accompanied, on a double-strung harp. Intended to aid those in pain, illness, or in one of life's' major transitions, this music is the perfect accompaniment to massage, Reiki, and other body and energy healing work.

"Meditative, hypnotic…this IS master-quality…inventive and thoughtful playing…traditional melodies are featured well." ...Taxi: Music Critique and A & R Listing Service  •  More Reviews

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