Rhythm Universe

Rhythm is our birthright. From the ultimate, reeling grandeur of the universe to the vibration of the Click To Enlarge deep interior of our atoms, we are bathed in rhythm. Rhythm beats in our blood, to the tempo of our heart; rhythm flows in our chest, to the undulation of our lungs; rhythm is reflected in the great gender cycles of the hormones; and rhythm courses through our lives, from the cycle of birth to death to… Rhythm occupies our daily existence, dictated by clock and calendar, mile, and moment. And rhythm is integral to our language, our music, and our dance.Click To Enlarge

How may we honor this birthright, this essential character of life and being?

Several drummers in the Seattle area are bringing their instruments and expertise to the classroom to play rhythms with students. Please see the Seattle World Percussion Society's web page www.swps.org for information on our vibrant percussion and dance community, representing many world cultures and music, and including world-renowned performers and teachers. You will finClick To Enlarged yours truly with hair and skirts a'flyin in some of the pictures from past World Rhythm Festivals! This community has become my family.

I have additional routes to rhythm though, by bringing the sciences of astronomy and geology to the classroom, with the emphasis on the great rhythms of life and universe.  The following link is a suggested set of Curriculum Topics for ages K-12, which are easily adaptable to a variety of ages. > Curriculum Topics

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This next link is to a more detailed (but still incomplete!) sketch of the most complex and time-consuming of the Curriculum Projects listed above.  Other sketches will follow soon!  Please feel free to contact me, if you are interested in co-creating a topic that is not currently listed; I am open and eager for new ideas! > Dance of the Planets